Joe's Corner – Connections

Joe Sutton -- Sep 22, 2011

Welcome to the first Joe's Corner. I hope to make this a slightly looser  discussion of my thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

joes-corner-emmett-large.jpgThere certainly has been a great deal of activity over the last month here at EducatorProtect. As you may have guessed , we have been working on the LDA partnership for some time. We honestly couldn't be more pleased to work with them. I  think most of you will also agree that the new Minute is more professional and appealing across the board. We have a few other ideas cooking in the laboratory as well, I will keep you posted.

All of that leads me to my big thought of the day, I still worry that The Minute does not do what I really want, and that is "connect." I have thought about connection a great deal recently.
The other night was parents night for my oldest son (who is in first grade). Initially, I watched his teacher smirk at me shoehorning myself into a desk built for a seven year old. But afterwards, I realized the entire discussion was about all of the tools and methods it takes to connect with children. Of course I also "connected" with the humbling realization that I was at least 15 years older than my son's teacher. 


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