What Are We, Exactly?

What are we? Are we an insurance company? Are we an agent? A Broker? We are asked this question all of them time. And the answer is… a little of all of them. It just depends on what you need from us.

What Happens if I Cancel?

So, we don't ever want anyone to leave us, but, occasionally educators desire to cancel the coverage for various reasons. I think it might be valuable to discuss what happens.

All About Additional Insureds

When we envisioned EducatorProtect, one of the key thoughts we had was that adding an additional insured should be easy and inexpensive. We felt like it was an important component of the insurance program.

Why Teachers and Educators Should Understand Claims Made Professional Laibility Insurance

The most important aspect of Professional Liability Insurance that no one ever asks about is the reporting of claims.  While it is printed everywhere, no one ever asked about “Claims Made” reporting. Our coverage (as is that of all of our competitors) is written on claims made basis.

Why Teachers & Educators Really Purchase Insurance?

What are the real reasons that educators purchase insurance? I don't mean specific policy features or coverage details, but what drives them to seek insurance. Recently, someone asked me to discuss this, so I will share it for you.

Do You Use A Contract?

Over the last few weeks, we have received many, many calls from educators looking to purchase insurance in preparation for their independent summer work. Given this increase, the next few “Minutes” will focus on ways (outside of purchasing insurance) to control their risks

Whats New with EducatorProtect?

After a few weeks of discussing insurance topics I am going to spend some time talking about some of the things that we have been working on here in the EducatorProtect laboratory.

New Partner

When is a teacher not a teacher? (you dont want to find out when there in an insurance claim)

One concept that we have alluded to often, but never discussed in detail, is the nature of teachers, who tutor on the side.  While the concept is similar at public schools, it is at independent schools where the situation is most interesting.


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