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What a Teachers or Educators Insurance Claim Looks Like

Before we start, let me be clear that this overview is “based in fact” meaning that I did not and, and would not use any specific information from a client etc. Instead I am using recent events as a broad outline.

About Insurance Company Ratings

When evaluating your insurance coverage, one important piece of information that is often overlooked is the strength of the insurance company.

Insurance as a contract

This post  is the continuation  of an article in the EducatorProtect Minute.

Happy Holidays, and an exciting New Year

First, let me thank you for all of your support this past year. We are truly grateful to all of our clients, friends and followers who have helped spread the word and led us to amazing growth.

Expanded Appetite

You spoke, and we listened. Over the last two months, you told us that we needed to find a way to offer coverage to educators who work primarily from their homes. Beginning October 12th, we can do just that.

Underwriting Guidelines

One item that has come up for discussion recently has been underwriting requirements. To put it simply, what does the carrier require in order to offer a quote? These discussions are always complicated, because they usually involve someone (or a group) who is not currently eligible.

Up and Running

With almost three weeks under our belt, we are now about to leave the "soft opening" stage and become fully operational.

A Personal Note/Spelling Pledge

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. While I have a number of strengths, I have one very glaring weakness: the ability to transport thoughts from my head to a keyboard accurately. The issue is not that I can’t spell, because I can.

What is Taking So Long?

Well, that is the real question. I must admit I thought we would be fully operational by now. The ability to quote and issue insurance policies online is really a cutting edge endeavor and, in the end, making the technology work correctly has been quite a process.


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