Frequently Asked Questions

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I often work out of my house. Doesn't my homeowner's insurance cover me for any claims?

This is very unlikely. Homeowner’s insurance policies traditionally have a “business pursuits” exclusion. This exclusion states that there is no coverage arising out of your profession or work. Additionally, homeowner’s policies have no coverage for allegations of your negligence in the delivery of a service (i.e., Professional Malpractice).

I have coverage through another insurance carrier. Isn’t it all the same?

No, it isn’t. We started this program after the International Dyslexia Association asked us to review insurance coverage available to their members. What we found was a series of substandard options that did not provide adequate coverage for independent educators. For example, while some carriers advertise Abuse and Molestation coverage, we could not find one offering that would defend an educator from a civil suit alleging abuse or molestation.

I am employed by a school that has insurance coverage. Don’t they cover me?

They likely do, but only for work you do for them. Any independent work you perform, for a fee, is almost certainly not covered under their insurance program, even if it is with one of their students.

How important is a carrier’s rating?

Very important. According to A.M. Best's annual studies of impaired and insolvent insurers, the past two years have been among the worst in decades for weaker insurers, sparked by a rise in reported and identified insurance impairments and insolvencies. Our carrier has been rated “A” or higher for more than 100 consecutive years.

What is your relationship with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA)?

We are not related to, owned by or in any way a part of IDA. However, we have been involved with IDA for decades, and developed this program, in part, because IDA members were in need of a strong insurance program. IDA’s support has been invaluable in forming EducatorProtect.

What is a master policy?

A master policy is one single policy that outlines the coverages and terms available to all program members.

Does a master policy affect the insurance available to me?

No, each insured has their own policy limits and terms. Claims or other actions by other policyholders do not affect your coverage.

Who is the Educators Risk Management Society?

They are a group focused on providing resources to independent educators that help to lower their risk, such as information on contracts and policies, and provide support to help independent educators understand the business of education.

Who qualifies for the online quoting service?

We have a wide appetite for private practice educators. We do require a college degree and at least two years of experience. There are a few other qualifications on the application, but if you meet the above qualifications, chances are you can use the online service. We are not able to provide online quotes for medical professionals and physical/occupational therapists at this time.

What if I don't qualify for the online service?

We can likely still help you find high-quality, affordable insurance coverage. Contact us and we'll get started right away.

Can I get this same coverage somewhere else?

No, EducatorProtect is an exclusive program designed specifically for the needs of private practice educators. It is not available through any source.

What if I need service or have questions?

You can email or call us toll free at 877-529-5802. You'll also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. What's more, we'll soon have an online chat option for you.If there is any other way you would like to get in touch, let us know.

How do I cancel my policy and how will my refund be calculated?

We do not permit flat cancellations. Mid-term cancellations require a written notice of your desire to cancel coverage. Notification can be made by email to and must include your name, address and certificate number. Refunds will be on a pro rata basis with a 10% "short rate penalty." This penalty will be 10% of the unearned/or unused premium calculated as of the day of cancellation. All fees are non-refundable.Example If your policy had a premium of $300, and you canceled after 146 days (40% of the year) your refund would be calculated as follows:40% of remaining year = $180Short Rate penalty (10% of remaining year) = $18Your refund due would be: $180 - $18 = $162Refunds will be processed using the same method of payment originally provided.