Big News From EducatorProtect

Joe Sutton -- May 4, 2012

In the next couple of days, we will be announcing the first really big change to EducatorProtect. If you read this, then you will probably end up getting e-mail or two with the announcement. However, I will"leak it"a day or two early. There will be two major changes to the educator protect product offering in the next couple of days.

1) We are lowering our price.  The total cost  for professional liability insurance will be dropping between $25 and $30 .

2)We are eliminating the professional liability deductible . This means that there l be no out of pocket costs for covered Professional Liability claims.


 We are obviously very excited by these changes .  we already offered  the broadest coverage available .  Now, we are less expensive  and offer no out-of-pocket expense for covered claims .


Obviously, we will be talking a great deal about these changes over the coming weeks .  But you heard it here first