Changing our stripes (just a bit)

Joe Sutton -- Feb 8, 2013

Most of you probably saw that EducatorProtect is now part of Insurance Services Group, Inc. The big story is that it's not that big of a story. We've been operating out of ISG's offices since the beginning and I'm the president of ISG. So, why even mention this at all? The answer is really resources. EducatorProtect started as a side business with the understanding that we would not utilize the resources of ISG. As we grew, we knew that we would eventually merge into the larger agency. With that comes the ability to utilize people.

The first person you are likely to interact with the Stacy Mirabile. As mentioned in our newsletter, Stacy is experienced ,technologically savvy and married to teacher. She is also very available. As the flow of calls and emails increased dramatically at the end of last year, John and I were clearly not able to respond. Anytime we were out of the office for even a few hours, we were overwhelmed with phone calls and emails.. We needed a dedicated resource. We think you will love Stacy.

We will also be able to take advantage of ourĀ in-house finance team.. We should be able to get to refunds and transactions much more quickly now

So,I guess the big deal is that it isn't that big of a deal. But, we think you'll like it anyway .