Joe's Corner – Connections

Joe Sutton -- Sep 22, 2011

Welcome to the first Joe's Corner. I hope to make this a slightly looser  discussion of my thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

joes-corner-emmett-large.jpgThere certainly has been a great deal of activity over the last month here at EducatorProtect. As you may have guessed , we have been working on the LDA partnership for some time. We honestly couldn't be more pleased to work with them. I  think most of you will also agree that the new Minute is more professional and appealing across the board. We have a few other ideas cooking in the laboratory as well, I will keep you posted.

All of that leads me to my big thought of the day, I still worry that The Minute does not do what I really want, and that is "connect." I have thought about connection a great deal recently.
The other night was parents night for my oldest son (who is in first grade). Initially, I watched his teacher smirk at me shoehorning myself into a desk built for a seven year old. But afterwards, I realized the entire discussion was about all of the tools and methods it takes to connect with children. Of course I also "connected" with the humbling realization that I was at least 15 years older than my son's teacher. 

Last Saturday was my four-year-old's first soccer practice. As you can imagine, the words "soccer" and "practice" are being used with their most expansive definitions. But after about 20 minutes, the coach had 12 four year olds lined up and kicking the ball in the general direction of the goal. I was watching my son, who I cant get to do anything, stand more or less still and wait his turn in line, at the direction of a total stranger. This coach had already connected with the kids.

Seeing my sons' teachers and coaches connect with their students so effectively got me to thinking. How do we show you that the people selling insurance over the internet are a real operation – with a real office and staff? How do we explain the very real reasons that insurance is valuable, and that our product is so superior to the others? How do we show you that we spend time thinking and discussing your needs?  How do we reach out to you and educate you about risk?

How well do we connect with you? What should we do differently?

(BTW-if telling you stories about my kids is the answer, I have a great one next month about the time my four year old figured out how to email from my phone).

I'd love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts