Joe's Corner- trust

Joe Sutton -- Oct 27, 2011

I often talk about the good things that didn't hear educator protect. Today I will talk about a less fortunate incident. As we have discussed, educator protect policies renew automatically. We recently had a client who asked us to not renew their coverage. Through a series of events, it turned out that her coverage was renewed, and  more importantly her credit card was charged.

Fortunately we noticed the charge immediately, and were able to credit the account before the client noticed. We then immediately sent an e-mail notifying her of the mistake and offering to pay for any charges that she may have incurred as the result of our error.

I think that our response was proactive and appropriate. While nobody likes to mess up, and gratifying to know that we responded quickly and honestly.

However, none of that takes away from how justifiably upset the client was. We had unknowingly created a difficult situation for her. The whole incident made me pause to think about trust. We probably do more than most businesses to build your trust. We are asking you to purchase an intangible product over the Internet from somebody you've never met. I completely understand the leap of faith required to do that. I also understand how few chances we get.

If your cleaners loses one of your shirts, or your local pizza parlor forgets to put pepperoni on your pizza, would probably give them another chance because you know them personally and they have probably built up years of goodwill. I'm not sure how to do the same thing. We interact with most of you so irregularly that there are few opportunities for us to gain your trust, and many to lose it.

We hope that this newsletter as well as our conference exhibits, event sponsorships and Association partnerships all contribute toward gaining your trust. More importantly however, the hope that if there is one thing we can communicate, it is that if your trust is ever wavering please call us and let us know. There is nothing we can do, if you don't let us know.