Claim Examples

Learning the Hard Way

In 2002, a New York family sued their tutor for failing to live up to a guarantee of school improvement. After five years of litigation, the court awarded $11,448 plus interest and legal costs to the family of the students by agreeing that the tutor had breached a guarantee to the family.

While this judgement may be relatively small, when you factor in the legal costs, which the tutor had to pay, this suit likely ended up costing $300,000 - $400,000.

If this happened to you what would you do? Simple: Your policy through EducatorProtect would handle it for you. The carrier would be responsible for the costs, and even retain attorneys on your behalf.

When Even Winning is Losing

In 2001, a Maryland teacher sued a private tutor who alleged the teacher's incompetence had led to a student's academic troubles. At trial it was discovered that not only had the majority of this teacher's students failed standardized tests on the topic, but the teacher had actually received D's and F's on the topic in college as well.

While the tutor prevailed in the lawsuit, she incurred substantial defense costs and had to endure the stress of finding and retaining an attorney.

With EducatorProtect, she would have been covered. The carrier would have picked up the legal costs and even retained the attoryneys on her behalf.