How Can EducatorProtect Help Independent Schools?

Your insurance likely does not cover your teachers for claims arising from "for-fee" tutoring services. Traditional insurance language only covers employees for work within the scope of their employment. While they are accepting a fee form parents or some other third party, they are not acting as employees.

Requiring insurance coverage from teachers, who tutor your students for a fee, lessens the risk that you will be party to a claim and protects your teachers. Recommending EducatorProtect to your teachers makes good business sense, for both of you.  

  • In the event of a claim against you, due to the non employment activities of your teachers, your insurance company will defend the school but not the teacher. This can create an adversarial relationship with your teacher. Your insurance company will likely seek to pass the blame to the educator as the most expedient defense. They also have the right to subrogate against your teacher to recover any costs expended in your defense.
  • Requiring your teachers to carry their own insurance helps prevent  the possibility that a claim could financially impair a valued teacher, and create ill will among your employees.

Your teachers will be able to purchase coverage instantly online from an “A” rated carrier. We can help eliminate the delays accompanied with “waiting for a quote.” Our low premiums, ease of use, and top quality service are unmatched anywhere.

We offer a full suite of coverages, including:

  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Your teachers won’t have to go to different brokers or bankrupt themselves to meet your requirements. We'll provide you with automatic updates of their coverage, including renewals and policy changes. This lessens the administrative burden on you to track coverage compliance.