Why You Need Insurance

Tutor Insurance from EducatorProtect

Private practice educators should consider the amount of risk they take on in the course of everyday business. Here's why:

  • School Districts generally can't be sued for allegations of Educational Malpractice. This places the independent educator in the cross hairs of a dissatisfied parent, even if they are not actually at fault.
  • Many independent educators are unincorporated “sole proprietors. ” In this case, personal assets such as your home and bank account could be subject to seizure to pay a judgment relating to a dissatisfied parent or student.
  • Anyone who works alone with children bears the risk of unwarranted allegations of physical or sexual abuse. It is an uncomfortable truth that educators are often subject to various allegations of this nature.
  • A recent nationwide poll found that 23% of all educators have been involved in a lawsuit or out-of-court settlement in the last two years.
  • Besides costing you money, lawsuits take up your valuable time. The right insurance program will not only cover those legal bills, it will also help you through the process so you can get back to work and back to your life.
  • Any educator bringing clients to their home or office can be subject to claims arising out of bodily injury at their location, such as “slip and fall” injuries. Traditionally, homeowner polices will not respond to claims resulting from an individual's business endeavors. A Professional Liability policy will keep you covered.